The Law Offices of Baron, Breslin and Sarmiento is a boutique litigation firm focusing its practice in the areas of civil and commercial litigation, criminal defense, family law matters, Florida Bar and lawyer professional regulation matters and commercial transactions.

For almost 40 years Richard Baron has been honorably serving the legal community in South Florida. His partner, Jerrell Breslin, is a fiercely devoted litigator with almost 30 years trial experience. Together, these two principle partners have represented thousands of clients in criminal and civil matters in both the State and Federal courts throughout Florida. Ramon Sarmiento and associate Nicole Baron, are both former prosecutors with many years of trial experience.

The law firm of Baron, Breslin and Sarmiento is committed to aggressively and comprehensively protecting the interests of our clients and to finding successful solutions to personal and business disputes. As a cohesive group of skilled negotiators and trial lawyers, the Law firm of Baron Breslin and Sarmiento has the experience and drive to protect your rights and to represent your interests.

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Family Law

We take pride in representing our clients facing a variety of legal issues, including divorce, paternity, time sharing, child support, child support enforcement or modification actions and pre and post nuptial agreements and domestic violence injunctions. We are fully committed to taking every possible action necessary to resolve your case without litigation. However, should litigation be required, our wealth of experience in litigating family court matters and aggressive approach will protect our clients’ interests. We approach each case with the individual and specific attention it needs. We understand that family law issues are often very emotional and sensitive, and approach each case with that premise in mind.

Richard Baron

Since 1980 Richard Baron has been the managing principal of the Law Firm of Richard Baron & Associates. Mr. Baron graduated in 1967 from the American University with a B.A. in Government and Public Administration and attained his Juris Doctor degree from the University of New York at Buffalo, School of Law, in 1970. Mr. Baron was admitted to the New York Bar in 1970 and the Florida Bar 1974. His employment history includes being a Trial Attorney with the Department of the Treasury from 1970-1974 and then the tax litigation attorney at Greenberg Traurig from 1974-1979.

With almost 40 years of litigation experience in the Federal and State Courts throughout Florida, Mr. Baron has tried hundreds of cases dealing with commercial and transactional matters, family law matters, Florida Bar disciplinary matters, and criminal matters. Mr. Baron has been appointed numerous times as a Guardian Ad Litem to assist Family Court Judges in difficult cases with alcohol and drug issues and was honored by the Eleventh Judicial Circuit as the “Guardian ad Litem of the Year” in 2009. Mr. Baron has been selected as one of the most frequent lecturers and panel members at the FLA annual convention, and has also been a frequent member of panels sponsored by the Daily Business Review and the American Bar Association on such areas as ethics and professionalism. Mr. Baron has also been appointed by the Miami-Dade County Commissions as a member of the Addiction Services Board to assist the county in dealing with addition and alcoholism. In addition, Mr. Baron has argued many cased before the Supreme Court of Florida.

As a proud member of Alcoholics Anonymous since 1985, Mr. Baron has been a pillar of strength to other addicts and alcoholics since his early recovery. Mr. Baron has sponsored hundreds of recovering addicts and alcoholics in the past 20 years and is responsible for helping countless people stay the path to long term recovery.

Mr. Baron is the founder and has been the President of the Friends of the Drug Court, Inc., since its inception in 2003. The Friends of the Drug Court, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that raises and contributes in excess of $400,000.00 annually to the support of the Miami-Dade County, Florida Drug Court as well as to education and housing grants to the participants of the Drug Court.

Drug Court

In June of 2003 Richard Baron and Honorable Jeffery Rosinek had a vision. Based on their experience with dealing with those afflicted with alcohol and substance addiction, they were aware that most addicts and alcoholics will “hit bottom” prior to beginning their road to recovery. Unfortunately, the bottom that most severe addicts and alcoholics hit is that they have lost their jobs, alienated their families and friends, have been arrested and are often homeless. Although the Drug Court offers arrested addicts and alcoholics an opportunity to seek treatment for their addiction and permits them the opportunity to have their charges dropped if they successfully complete the imposed treatment conditions, even the successful completion of the Drug Court program is not enough for many of the drug courts defendant’s to get a “new lease on life” because many still had no place to call home. To this end, in July of 2003, Richard Baron founded and formed the Friends of the Drug Court, Inc., a Florida Non-Profit Corporation. Since its inception, the FODC has provided well over one million dollars to support the Miami-Drug Court; with almost 100% of all contributions going to aid the Court and its participants. Mr. Baron who serves as the President of the FODC since its inception is the driving force behind the organization. In addition, except for the cost of the annual audit, there are virtually no administrative expenses in running the FODC as Mr. Baron does exclusively from his own law offices.

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